The Date

October 14th 2017 - Premier League Moments.

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We were invited by NParks to be the pre-match and post-match live entertainment for the first ever live screening of the colossal match between football heavyweights Liverpool and Manchester United at The Empress Lawn. So we came up with the idea of designing and printing a jersey for every member of the band with our band's logo so as to create a uniform look while performing on stage. Even during the designing process, family members who got word of the idea quickly voiced their interest in having a jersey printed for them too. So we did.

Fast forward to event day, We had our band photos taken by the awesome Jia Luo, the official photographer for the event. We uploaded those awesome pics (one of which is the one above), donning our jerseys and suddenly, we were dealing with an influx of messages on our inbox and comments section saying that they'd want a piece too.

So we thought.......why not. 

Ladies and Gentlemen


We present to you, our very first, customised SuperSonic T-Shirt. This is only possible because of your love and your support. And we THANK YOU! 

We gave much thought to how we would handle the orders and printing process so we've decided that we will be taking in registrations first, with the minimum quota being 50 pcs so that we could print the T-Shirts in bulk rather than printing it one by one when the orders come in. We will update on our website how many registrations we've received so far and once the quota has been reached, we will further provide payment details before we proceed with the mass production.

Once again, none of this would have been possible if not for your love and support. Thank you for giving us a chance to share with you a part of us. Welcome to the family. We are.....


SuperSonic T-Shirt ($25/pc)

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Local cover Band "Supersonic" is an eclectic mix of experienced musicians who came together with a common goal.

To share their music with the masses.

Comprising of talented individuals with years of experience shared amongst them in the local music scene as well as abroad, "SuperSonic" is an act that promises to invigorate 'live' music lovers from all walks of life. From Top 40's, to Rock, to Evergreen Classics and more, their wide repertoire encompassing different genres caters to all ages.

Currently the Resident Band at Timbre, come on down to experience "Supersonic" first hand. Enjoy music, Enjoy Life.


Lead Female Vocals


Lead Male Vocals


Lead Guitar / Vocals


Keyboard / Vocals

Shah Ali

Bass / Vocals

Faizal Ali

Drums / Vocals




Tuesdays (2 Piece Acoustic)

Timbre @ Gillman

7.15pm - 10.15pm


Wednesdays (Full Band)

Timbre+ (TimbrePlus)

7.45pm - 11pm


Thursdays (3 PIECE Acoustic)

Timbre @ THE Arts House

8.15pm - 11.30pm


Fridays (Full Band)

Timbre+ (TimbrePlus)

8.30pm - 12MN


Saturdays (Full Band)

Timbre @ THE Substation

10.15pm - 1.40am


Sundays and Mondays







 Watch more videos


Timbre @ The Substation


Timbre+ (Timbre Plus)


Timbre @ The Arts House


Timbre @ Gillman



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